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Our Story

TurnKey FBA was founded in 2023 by Son Doan and Eve Nguyen. The Vietnamese-Czech duo, born and raised in the heart of Prague, left their hometown for London to start their entrepreneurial journey in 2015. The first sale on Amazon kick started their journey as a sole trader, running the account as a retail arbitrage and then an online arbitrage model. In 2018, they officially established a Reselling Company, making a big step in Amazon fulfillment service.


In 2019, the company obtained VAT registration in France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, and Poland, qualifying for the PAN-EU and the Central European programs. Their Hazmat’s invitation in Europe and the United Kingdom laid groundwork for operational success. Since then, they made a transition from doing self-packaging to leveraging the third-party warehouse service. As their business grew at such a pace, Son and Eve hired the first virtual assistant in Czech, supporting their cooperation with many brands and wholesalers. In 2021, they partnered up with a warehouse in the Czech Republic, which solidified their logistical prowess.


In 2022, a new milestone was marked when Son and Eve visited Hanoi, Vietnam. Impressed by the bustling pace of life and work in Hanoi, they were inspired to open their first physical office in Hanoi. A dedicated team worked together and gained valuable experience in operating Amazon accounts, creating boosting revenue strategies and collaborating with international warehouse


April 2023 marked the launch of TurnKey FBA, gathering an empowered team of delivering comprehensive Amazon services, supporting clients and partners to grow their business on the largest eCommerce platform. Expansion into the United States in July 2023 developed their global market management insights. In December 2023, the company relocated to a larger office in Hanoi, better suited to accommodate their massive team. We’ve changed a lot since our humble beginnings, but one thing has stayed the same – our commitment to providing superior service with data-driven results for our clients.

Our Mission

We serve as the ultimate gateway for successful businesses into Amazon, maximising global presence and success across its marketplaces.

Our Vision

Be the ultimate leading agency in the global Amazon eCommerce, constantly ranking in the top 10 in the world by showcasing exemplary results, boldly charging ahead, and setting industry trends.


We pride ourselves on recognising and rewarding talent, skills, and contributions within our team. Regardless of background or seniority, every member is valued for their unique abilities. We offer equal opportunities for growth and recognition, ensuring that excellence is celebrated at every level.

Openness and honesty are central to our approach. Our commitment to delivering real results and building genuine relationships means you can expect straightforward communication and authentic engagement from us.

Building strong partnerships begins with clear and respectful communication. We prioritise transparent dialogue to ensure that you are always informed and confident in our collaboration. You’ll always know where things stand and what to expect next, leaving no room for uncertainties.

We’re dedicated to growth and development, both individually and as a company. Our culture of improvement means that we’re always striving to enhance our performance. Working with us, you’re not just investing in a service – you’re investing in a partner committed to being better every day.

Smart decision-making is central to our approach. We carefully evaluate options and strive for effective solutions that align with your needs. Count on us to operate with strategic thinking and analytical rigour, ensuring your requirements are met with precision and efficiency.

Accountability, integrity, and reliability are non-negotiable for us. They’re the backbone of our business. When you choose us, you’re choosing a partner committed to your success, every step of the way.

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