Case study

Boost Oxygen


The Challenge Of A Global Brand First Stepped Into Amazon Marketplace.

Boost Oxygen has been an entrepreneurial pioneer for developing a new brand in the Supplemental Oxygen niche. Boost Oxygen aimed to strengthen their presence on Amazon EU market, boosting the revenue stream.

our role

  • Comprehensive Account Management & Set Up
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Listing Optimisation
  • Copywriting
  • PPC Management

Our Challenge

  • Sales increase in the EU marketplace – Boost Oxygen aimed to capture more market share in the Amazon EU market.


  • Deactivated account in international marketplace – Boost Oxygen was looking to restore their Amazon visibility on Amazon Europe platforms after getting the account deactivated in six months.


  • Amazon competition – The brand’s product competed against numerous competitors in the Oxygen category. Also, while they were already a well-known brand, their products sales on the Amazon Europe market were mostly by resellers.


Comprehensive Account
Management & Set up

  • Managing Boost’s Oxygen’s European Amazon account after it got reactivated.
  • Working closely with the brand to devise selling strategies and optimise performance.
  • Providing end-to-end service from account set up to ongoing maintenance.
  • Offering strategic consultations tailored to the brand’s specific goals on Amazon.


Graphic Design

  • Conceptualising life-oriented photography in product, featuring family hiking and bonding with the baby carriers.
  • Creating A+ graphic design and infographics to address main customer pain points.
  • Optimising account image listings with up to nine photos and one video per product.
  • Conducting main image CTR hacks to determine the most effective product listing image angle points.
Boost Oxygen - Product Listing
Product Listing Optimisation
  • Optimising product listings to increase conversion rates, competing with other Oxygen brands.
  • Emphasising keywords related to product size, effect, and taste mentioned in the titles, bullet points, and A+ content of the listings.
  • Including benefits and instruction details in the graphic design, going along with introduction videos.
  • Expanding product range by introducing new variations and crafting listings for previously unavailable on Amazon.
  • Formulating SEO-optimised product titles and bullet points using relevant and highly searched keywords regarding Amazon algorithm.
  • Improving readability by highlighting important features, lifestyle stories and customer’s familiar customer keywords.
  • Enhancing product page comprehensively to result in conversion rates.
Boost Oxygen - Storefrontwebp
Storefront And Visual
  • Showcasing brand’s values on storefront, emphasising on key attributes such as Recovery, Energise, and Focus.
  • Strategically selecting elements, including compelling Shark Tank pictures to enhance trust and credibility.
  • Improving discoverability of the brand through optimised storefront design.
  • Increasing repeat purchases, driving more traffic and leads from external sources.


International Expansion &
Global Marketplace Management

  • Analysing Europe marketplace and Boost Oxygen product development function.
  • Utilising product analysis software such as Helium 10 and JungleScout to assess product potential in the market.
  • Providing tailored consultancy services to optimise brand’s presence and performance across international markets in Europe.

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Nathan Nguyen