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The Belief of Successful Expanding to International Marketplace

Started in 2019, Dromader originated as a Poland based company that designs comfortable, secure, and user-friendly baby carriers. Dromador has experienced continuous growth since its beginnings.

our role

  • International Expansion & Global Marketplace Management
  • Product Listing Optimisation
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Storefront And Brand Story
  • PPC Management

Our Approach

  • Client’s trust
    • Building a long-term partnership with great communication and fairness.


  • Amazon US marketplace expansion introduction
    • Introducing Dromader to the US market potential, mentioning American purchasing behaviour and identifying high demand segments to maximise revenue.
    • Collaborating closely to analyse products and devise a US marketplace expansion strategy.


  • Listing Optimisation
    • Optimising product titles and images, aiming to improve conversion rates.
    • Implementing new PPC campaigns to boost traffic and increase the CTR.
    • Crafting compelling copywriting in the product listing to build an impactful Product Detail Page and go up on search rank.


International Expansion &
Global Marketplace Management

  • Utilising data gathered from Helium 10, JungleScout, and other software to assist in US expansion planning.
  • Presenting a new pricing strategy to account for exchange rate fluctuations and ensure profitability in the US marketplace.
  • Leveraging network and expertise to streamline international shipping and reduce any other costs.
  • Supporting needed procedures including Economic Operators Registration and Identification, Employer Identification Number, Insurance Number, FedEX Shipping Account, and any other paperworks.


Graphic Design

  • Conceptualising life-oriented photography in product, featuring family hiking and bonding with the baby carriers.
  • Creating A+ graphic design and infographics to address main customer pain points, boost visibility and increase sales.
  • Optimising account image listings with up to nine photos and one video per product.
  • Conducting main image CTR hacks to determine the most effective product listing image angle points.
Dromader - Product Listing
Product Listing Optimization
  • Incorporated key aspects such as age range and special features into product titles, bullet points, and A+ content.
  • Providing comprehensive information on size and function in the product image, supplemented by two instructional videos.
  • Implementing an efficient SKU system for improved inventory management.
Copywriting & Localisation
  • Utilising Dromader’s mission and assets to create compelling A+ content, infographics and copywriting to address customers’ lifestyle communication needs.
  • Integrating SEO phrases with copywriting and creative elements to boost sales and conversion through clear branded messages.
Dromader - Brandstore
Storefront And
Brand Story
  • Highlighting Dromader values on brand storefront, focusing on themes such as Discover, Conquer, and Naturally with Dromader.
  • Crafting brand story emphasising on family time and practical benefits of using baby carriers.
  • Brand story designed to effectively cross-selling, showcasing other products within the brand's portfolio.
  • Inspiring customers with compelling stories, boosting search rankings and listing conversion rates.


PPC Management

Utilising PPC campaigns to penetrate the US market, elevating brand’s keyword due to US customer trends, boosting conversion rates, and rescuing ACoS. 

  • Sponsored Product Ads – targeted main competitors, main keyword and long tail keywords that improved Click-through rate.
  • Sponsored Display Ads – targeted high-converting categories and aiming for prominent placements at the top of search results.
  • Sponsored Brand Ads – Increasing brand visibility and awareness by using competitive keywords into campaigns.
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