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At TurnKey FBA, we are more than just an Amazon agency – we are your partners in success. Our sole focus is to empower brands by enhancing their visibility and boosting sales on Amazon. Our comprehensive suite of Amazon Account Management services is designed to unlock your brand’s full potential and help you achieve your business goals.

We pride ourselves on forging successful partnerships with our clients, acting as the driving force behind their Amazon success. Our dedicated team, armed with expertise and passion, is committed to delivering exceptional service and results.

Amazon Specialists

Being an Amazon only agency, we understand the intricacies of Amazon’s marketplace and leverage this knowledge to give your brand a competitive edge. 

Our specialisation allows us to stay ahead of Amazon’s ever-evolving landscape, ensuring your brand stays relevant and profitable.

Full Account Management

From account setup and product listing optimization to PPC management and account health checks, we handle it all


Our comprehensive approach ensures your Amazon presence is optimised for maximum visibility and profitability.

Proven Expertise

With over 5 years of experience and over €20 million in revenue generated our expertise and track record speak for themselves.

Our team is composed of seasoned experts, armed with top-notch data analytics skills and exceptional communication abilities to manage Amazon to achieve the best results

Our Services to Supercharge
Your Amazon Presence

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, each tailored to your specific needs, designed to maximise your brand’s visibility and profitability. Here’s how we can support your success:

Account Setup & Management

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We set up and manage your Amazon EU, UK and US Seller Account, ensuring its health and compliance with Amazon’s guidelines.
Whether you’re starting from scratch or need your existing account revamped, we’ve got you covered.

Product Listing Optimization

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Our team will optimise your product listings with compelling photos, persuasive copywriting, effective backend keywords, engaging titles, bullet points, and descriptions. We also offer translation services if needed. 

This service is typically charged on a per-listing basis (200€-500€), with discounts available for variations due to the reuse of similar content.

PPC Management

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We manage your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising with a focus on aligning with your brand’s long-term goals. Our aim is to increase sales and reduce costs, without compromising on what is best for your brand. 

Our team handles the complexities of PPC campaigns on a product or product category level if needed, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Brand Awareness & Sales Increase

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We elevate your brand’s visibility and sales on Amazon through tailored strategies. This encompasses crafting a compelling brand story, A+ content, leveraging cross-selling opportunities, and implementing an effective pricing strategy.

We continuously refine our approach to hit set targets, ensuring your brand stands out and resonates with customers.

Communication & Reporting

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Our team is committed to maintaining transparent and consistent communication with all our clients. We’re always just a call away for any queries or discussions you may need, though typically, bi-monthly calls keep us perfectly aligned. 

Additionally, we provide tailored reports on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your preference, ensuring you’re always informed and in control.

A Closer Look at Our Services

At TurnKey FBA, we offer a wide array of services designed to create, manage, and scale your Amazon business. While we’ve highlighted some of our most common services, our capabilities extend far beyond these. 

If you require any specific services not listed, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to tailor our expertise to your unique needs and help your Amazon business thrive.

  • Account Health check daily
  • Feedback/Reviews check weekly
  • Customer Messages both FBA and FBM 24/7


  • Customer Service Performance
  • Delivery Performance
  • IPI – Inventory Performance Index 
    • Excess Inventory (Checking Inventory Age)
    • Sell-through (making sure to win BB as much as possible)
    • Stranded Inventory
    • In-stock rate -> Delete inactive inventory
  • Reports about revenue, profit, what inventory to delete 
  • Adding New Listings FBA 
  • Adding New Listings FBM 
  • Adding COGs into Sellerboard (updated when needed)
  • Enrolling products into S&L


On Demand
  • A-to-Z Claims 
  • Check Product Compliance Request
  • Reminding “No Invoice Uploaded”
  • Remove Unfulfillable Inventory
  • Performance Notification
  • Manage Cases and communicating with Amazon on your behalf

Our Blueprint to Your Success

From initial audit to continuous management, our process is tailored for your success. We conduct a comprehensive audit, perform in-depth market research, devise strategies, implement them, and report on the performance, all aimed at optimizing your brand’s presence and boosting sales on Amazon


Complimentary Audit

We kick off our partnership with a free audit of your Amazon account. This allows us to understand your current position, identify areas of improvement, and set the stage for success.

The benefit to you? A clear starting point, a roadmap for improvement, and valuable insights that can be immediately applied to enhance your Amazon presence.


In-Depth Market Research

Next, we conduct thorough market research to understand your competition, identify opportunities, and align with market trends. 

This ensures your brand stays relevant and competitive in the Amazon marketplace.


Strategic Planning

Based on the insights from the audit and market research, we devise a tailored strategy to boost your brand’s visibility and sales on Amazon. 

This customer-centric strategy is designed to meet your specific goals and target audience needs.



We then put the strategy into action. From optimising your product listings and managing PPC campaigns to monitoring account health, we handle it all. 

Our hands-on approach ensures your brand gets the attention it deserves on Amazon.


Comprehensive Reporting

Finally, we provide detailed reports on performance, giving you a clear view of your success on Amazon. 

These reports allow you to track progress, understand the impact of our efforts, and make informed decisions for your brand’s future on Amazon.

Our Transparent Fee Structure

At TurnKey FBA, we believe in a clear and fair pricing structure that aligns with the value we provide. Our fees are designed to support your growth on Amazon while ensuring you always know what you’re paying for. Here’s how it works:

One-Time Fees for
Specific Services

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We charge one-time fees for specific tasks such as product listings optimization and initial account set up.

This ensures that each of your product listings is expertly crafted to attract attention and drive sales, with the cost clearly defined upfront.
This approach ensures your Amazon account is expertly established and each of your product listings is crafted to maximise visibility and sales, with all costs clearly defined upfront.

Monthly Retainer for Continuous
Account Management

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For ongoing account management services, our monthly retainer starts at €200. As your success on Amazon grows, so does our commitment to you and the daily tasks.

Recurring Commission on
Total Monthly Revenue

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The exact percentage (one digit) is determined in a way that ensures a mutually beneficial relationship.

This commission-based structure ensures that our success is directly tied to yours – we grow when you grow. It’s a partnership model that truly creates a win-win scenario.

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