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Originating from an online retailer, we understand the needs and challenges of retailers on the world largest eCommerce. We leverage this experience to facilitate your growth and success on Amazon.

Product Sourcing

  • Conducting thorough market research to identify trending products and assess account’s potential for Amazon success
  • Evaluating product name for brand suitability
  • Analysing selling price for profitability optimisation
  • Assessing worst-case scenario to mitigate risks
  • Identifying hazardous products to ensure safety regulation compliance
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Inventory Management

  • Offering comprehensive inventory management services including Excess Inventory, Stranding Inventory Management, Sell-through, In-stock Rate
  • Ensuring optimised inventory levels to meet demand
  • Minimising overstock or stockout and maximising Buy Box wins percentage
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Account Management & Strategy Consulting

  • Monitoring inventory flow and minimising discrepancies to ensure operational efficiency
  • Providing strategic planning consulting and conducting period calls and report updates
  • Ensuring Account Health maintenance and compliance with Amazon regulations

Market Expansion & International Selling

  • Supporting the business in US market expansion while maintaining UK and Europe presence
  • Providing tools and data of market insights to increase revenue, search rank, and conversation rates
  • Offering consultation for international Amazon account opening and business expansion
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  • Boosting the competitiveness of Amazon offers and driving sales
  • Offering strategic pricing tactics including Dynamic Pricing, Competitive Pricing, Promotions and Discounts, and Subscription Discounts
  • Optimising strategies to secure the Buy Box and maximise profitability

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Boost Oxygen

Help reaching the top-tier business in Amazon DE: Increase 5 times monthly revenue, Become the biggest brand on Amazon DE.


Increase 2 times monthly revenue within 4 months, Turn Amazon into one of the primary revenue streams.


Success of Bootstrapping to 7-Figure Success Across Borders: Operating the account and registered VAT in 7 Europe countries.